Benefits of Deadlifting and Why it’s so Effective

 The power of the almighty deadlift. There is no question as to why this exercise sits at the cornerstone of every powerlifting meet, strongman competition, and virtually every back workout worthy of a pat on that very back itself. Yes, deadlifting has long been accepted as an incredible exercise that works out the upper and lower extremities for quite some time now, and for good reason.

It may in fact be the single most effective exercise that exists on the infinite lists of exercises you can find glimmering across the internet nowadays. You may be wondering, how can such a simple movement (i.e. simply bending forward and back) be accepted with such gratitude and prestige? The answer to this question lies within the words of this article and is thus my motivation behind writing it. I hope I can answer this question, and even more: convince you as to how the benefits of deadlifting can change your physique immensely, far beyond what you could ever have imagined it to.

Intro to the benefits of deadlifting

Deadlifing is one of the most popular movements to do in the gym. This is no secret. The only secrecy behind this exercise lies within the proper way to do it based on what your individual goals are.

See, there are several different “types” of deadlifts one can do. These range from your typical deadlift (which will comprise the bulk of information in this article), sumo deadlifting, straight leg deadlifts, olympic deadlifts, and so on.

Now that you know which version of the deadlift we’ll cover here, let’s begin going over the many benefits of deadlifting, starting from the very moment your fingertips grasp the bar…

benefits of deadlifting
Benefits of deadlifting

From the moment your forearm flexors and extensors activate when you firmly grasp the bar and your calf muscles engage as you first begin to forcefully drive your heels into the ground, your body is in prime alignment to simultaneously activate (whether for the sake of hypertrophy, energy expenditure, muscular endurance, etc.) a combination of key major muscle groups. Just think about it…

Where else can the latissimus dorsi, middle/lower traps, the erector spinae muscles of the back, the glutes, thighs, and calves all be activated in such an explosive way? No where else, that’s where. It’s knowledge of how and when these key muscles are optimally contracted which will unlock the key to learning all of the vital benefits of deadlifting which has proved itself to be such an advantageous exercise for so many weight lifters and gym goers throughout the ages.

Top 5 key benefits of deadlifting

Number 1 – Increased Power

Power is one of the main reasons why people opt in for doing deadlifts. As you may or may not be aware, power is the combination of strength and speed. This is a big reason why the “clean and jerk” and “snatch” exercises are so popular among powerlifters. And of course, the deadlift exercise is the very beginning of these two very popular powerlifting movements. So, there is no question that deadlifting will greatly improve your overall power.

Number 2 – Increased Balance

You will have a very tough time deadlifting effectively if your balance is poor. Nevertheless, if this is the case, then you should simply do very light deadlifts so you can eventually improve your balance and work your way up to heavier and more explosive lifts. Trust me when I say that it shouldn’t take long at all to be able to accomplish this. Before you know it you’ll be able to deadlift heavy with near perfect form.

benefits of deadlifting
Benefits of deadlifting

Number 3 – Increased Strength

This one should be no surprise at all. Increased strength will be one of the first benefits of deadlifting that you’ll experience. From your calves up to your forearms, increased strength is inevitable. And the true beauty of such an important benefit is that it will manifest itself in other lifts as well, such as with the squat, lunge, rowing movements for the back, and so on. Before you realize it you’ll be adding more and more plates to the bar with higher repetitions.

Number 4 – Increased Performance

Your athletic performance will undoubtedly improve. Whether you play sports or just lift, you should see increased performance in your athletic ability. With increased strength and balance (as I previously mentioned), your athletic performance will be heightened as a result of a direct relationship to the two. So, for example, deadlifting will greatly increase your performance with the powerlifting “clean and jerk” exercise and also with power sports such as football and rugby to name a couple.

Number 5 – Increased Results

How could I leave out this one? The results you should see upon your diligent deadlifting training sessions will reflect your efforts. You know, the whole “You get what you put in to it” aphorism. Nevertheless, even starting off slowly by throwing in a couple sets of deadlifts here and there in your current training sessions will greatly help you lay the foundation necessary to increase the weight of your lifts. Your physical performance, as well as your physical appearance will improve as you venture off into more intense deadlifting sessions along with more creative types of lifts (sumo, good mornings, etc.).

Summary of the benefits of deadlifting…

As you can see, there are many highly advantageous benefits of deadlifting just waiting for you! If you’ve never done free-weight deadlifts before, try starting off by doing them with just the bar or using a smith machine so you won’t have to worry yourself with balancing, as this can be difficult for people knew to this movement. Increased power, balance, strength, and performance are all benefits you should reap. Deadlifting can be somewhat awkward at first. If you find this to be true for you, then ease yourself into the exercise slowly. No need to dive into heavy lifts with great intensity for your first deadlifting session. You should make sure that your form is on point before doing that. So, there you have it. The benefits of deadlifting and why it’s so effective!

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