Bikram Yoga Benefits and Controversy

Bikram Choudhury, founder of bikram yoga, realized his vision come true as his yoga discipline greatly gained popularity in the early 1970’s. Bikram yoga, which is derived from many hatha yoga techniques, has worked its way up to being a very effective and legitimate type of yoga. Given its uprising so many years ago, there are many different bikram yoga benefits that you should definitely be taking advantage of. Nevertheless, even though there are several bikram yoga benefits, there are also some shocking controversy regarding copyright issues and rape allegation charges against the founder Bikram Choudhury. However, before I get into all of that, let me briefly explain to you as to what bikram yoga is.

What is Bikram Yoga?

Before we get into some key bikram yoga benefits, let’s go into more detail as to exactly what bikram yoga is. Back when it was first developed, and even to this day, the classes where practiced in artificially heated rooms. This, along with the signature 26 bikram yoga poses will have you sweating like a pig in no time. It is said that these poses work every part of the body to allow it to maintain optimum health. It is with these 26 unique poses along with the hot and humid rooms they are practiced in that make bikram yoga so effective. For detailed information on the 26 bikram yoga poses check out this link here.

bikram yoga benefits
bikram yoga benefits

4 Key Bikram Yoga Benefits

#1  FLEXIBILITY -bikram yoga benefits-

Out of the 26 bikram yoga poses, each one is pretty difficult to perform, unless you have yoga experience or you are just already pretty flexible. With the intense and somewhat bizarre looking poses available, it won’t take you long for you to gain an immense amount of flexibility and limberness to your body.

#2 WEIGHT LOSS -bikram yoga benefits-

Due to the intense yoga poses and heated rooms that bikram yoga is known for, significant caloric expenditure is bound to occur. This is due mainly to the hot and humid environment. A large amount of the weight loss, at least initially, will most likely be water weight due to all of the excessive sweating.

#3 STRESS RELIEVER -bikram yoga benefits-

Another great bikram yoga benefit is that it is a great stress reliever. As with many types of yoga, bikram yoga is not much different when it comes to achieving a greater peace of mind. This is in big part due to attaining a heightened sense of self-awareness.

#4 RELEASING TOXINS -bikram yoga benefits-

According to bikram literature, the excessive sweating from the heated rooms along with the intense bikram yoga poses helps to release toxins from the body. However, the benefit is said to be minimal.

*Even though there are some great bikram yoga benefits to take advantage of, you should still get approval from your doctor before you begin such yoga classes. This is because of the intense heat and that it can cause possible complications given the current status quo of your health.

bikram yoga benefits
bikram yoga benefits

Bikram Yoga Controversy

As interesting as bikram yoga may seem to you, there is some significant controversy surrounding it. In 2011, Bikram Choudhury started a lawsuit against Yoga to the People about a “copyright” issue. Choudhury basically wanted to copyright bikram yoga and not allow anyone else to practice it without his consent or authorization. Needless to say, Choudhury didn’t win the lawsuit and bikram yoga is freely open to anyone who wants to practice it.

Riddled with several rape charges, sexual battery, discrimination, harassment, and other counts, Choudhury’s reputation is pretty much destroyed. Several women have come out and revealed the alleged atrocities they endured. It has been said that Choudhury’s bikram yoga training camps are cult-like and that some people refer to him in the same light as people would with Jesus or Buddha. For more information on the most recent findings of these accusations, check out this link here.

Summary of Bikram Yoga Benefits…

Despite the horrific controversies shadowing bikram yoga’s founder, it is still an effective yoga discipline that can greatly benefit you. Perhaps not to the extent that many hardcore bikram yoga fanboys may claim, but on a more realistic realm it can help you in the same sense as the many other yoga disciplines can. In fact, it has made the list of “A Beginner’s Guide to 8 Major Styles of Yoga” on GAIAM Life’s website. Click the link to get more information on bikram yoga, as well as other effective yoga disciplines. I hope the bikram yoga benefits and information that I’ve layed out for you can help you to decide if this type of yoga is something you would like to try or something that you would just rather stay away from.

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