Bikram Yoga Weight Loss Benefits

There is no doubt as to bikram yoga’s effectiveness, but there are also significant bikram yoga weight loss benefits to take advantage of as well. Given the nature of this yoga discipline, caloric expenditure is an expected outcome. Not everyone is turned on by the thought of hitting the tread mill or stairmaster, especially if you’re a yoga lover. So, instead of making yourself miserable, you should definitely try out this interesting yoga discipline! Below, I’ll discuss some key bikram yoga weight loss benefits that can help you to shed off that unwanted body weight you so deeply desire to rid yourself of.

Key bikram yoga weight loss benefits

There are many awesome bikram yoga weight loss benefits that you should be taking advantage of! See, what makes bikram yoga weight loss so effective is its use of relatively difficult poses along with the heated rooms that this type of yoga is known for.

The hot and humid rooms are a huge factor that aids in bikram yoga weight loss. Note that most of the initial weight loss will be water weight due to the large amount of sweat loss during your bikram yoga sessions. This is nothing to be discouraged from. In fact, water weight is typically the first thing to go when attempting to lose weight.

bikram yoga weight loss
bikram yoga weight loss

Not only will the heated rooms greatly aid you in your weight loss, but also will the 26 unique bikram yoga poses. The majority of these poses take considerable flexibility and strength to successfully perform.

The toe stand, lotus pose, and rabbit pose are in my opinion the most difficult postures to perform.

The toe stand basically requires your entire body to rest on the ball of one of your feet while in a crouched position. The lotus pose requires that you lay down prone on the floor while hyper-extending both of your legs upward near a 45 degree angle while keeping both legs straight. The final posture of the three that I’ve labeled to be the most difficult is the rabbit pose. Now, this pose is difficult mainly due to the fact that you must be extremely flexible to perform it. You start off in a kneeling position and you basically have to contort your body until your head touches your knees. Yea, sounds freaky I know. But all in all, the 26 bikram poses, along with the hot rooms will significantly help you with your weight loss.

bikram yoga weight loss
bikram yoga weight loss

Summary of bikram yoga weight loss benefits…

All in all, there are many bikram yoga weight loss benefits to take advantage of. From the intense postures, to the hot rooms where you’ll be practicing them in, you should enjoy an abundance of weight loss, as well as a greater peace of mind. For more information on the benefits of bikram yoga itself, check out this link here.

On a last note, keep in mind that to greatly lose weight you will need to keep in mind of the importance of your diet and cardio/weight lifting routine. Don’t expect your bikram yoga weight loss to be all you’ll need to achieve your weight loss goals (if you are hoping to lose a large amount of weight of course). However, if you are just wanting to trim up a bit and lose some water weight or wanting to add another weight loss tool into your arsenal of the many other fitness avenues available, then bikram yoga weight loss is just for you!

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