Cool Down Stretches and Why They’re Important

Cool down stretches are very important after an intense workout. Whether you’re doing resistance weight training, plyometrics, crossfit, running, or basically any other type of training that skyrockets your heart rate, you should implement cool down stretches to help your body better equally distribute the blood flow to allow your body to reach a more homeostatic status quo. In other words, the goal of cool down stretches are to cool your body down and get your heart rate back down to a more normal rate.

So, what’s the point of doing cool down stretches?

You may be asking yourself whether or not doing cool down stretches is even worth your time. I mean, your body will eventually get back to its normal condition after an hour or so right?

Yes, however…

cool down stretches
cool down stretches

It all depends on the intensity of the workout that you performed. If we are talking about a super intense crossfit wod or an extreme bodybuilding routine, then yes, post workout stretching will highly benefit you.


Well, for starters, it is very easy for you to get into a “dazed” state, due to lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain, which can possibly lead you to fainting after your workout. Of course, other factors come into play, like when your last meal was for example. Nevertheless, cool down stretches greatly help your body get back to the same, or similar state that it was in when you first walked into the gym.

4 highly effective cool down stretches

  • Static stretching is probably the most popular type of stretching technique used. It is simply the act of isometrically stretching the muscle by holding a specific position for a given amount of seconds.
  • Passive stretching is another great type of stretching technique. With this type of stretching, you will most likely not exert to much effort or feel much of a “burn” in your muscles as you would with static stretching.
  • Active stretching is a unique type of stretching that requires a significant amount of mind-muscle connection. With active stretching, you are consciously contracting the opposing muscle that your actually stretching.
  • Dynamic stretching is a type of active stretching that is used more often in sports or to prepare your body for more athletic types of exercise. However, in the case of cool down stretches, it is still a great way to end a workout.
cool down stretches
cool down stretches

To sum things up…

In conclusion, cool down stretches are extremely important for those who perform highly intense types of exercise, and even for those who have been sedentary for a long period of time and are new to fitness. It never hurts to perform some stretches after a difficult training session. Besides the four types of stretches previously mentioned, yoga is another great type of cool down stretch technique that you can perform to help you to relax and soothe your body after exercise. Nevertheless, regardless of the method you choose, cool down stretches are very important for preventing fainting and to get your body in a state of recovery.

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