Dieting Tips to Lose Weight Fast

Below are some of the best dieting tips to lose weight fast that you can find anywhere! From the more obvious, to the more obscure, you’ll have no problem finding something that will greatly benefit you and your weight loss goals. Check it out for yourself…

Be Responsible With Your Choices

Accountability is a must when trying to diet.  In order to be fully accountable, you need to reflect on, actually see and contemplate what you are eating, perhaps even study it, research it, and most importantly, look up the nutritional value.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to keep a food journal, write down everything you eat.  You will probably be very surprised at all of the small insignificant bites here and there. They all add up.

Studies have found that people who write down their food intake, eat 15% fewer amounts, which in itself can make a big difference. Also, there are some foods which really helps in reducing your weight in a faster rate. There are apps galore for this purpose, or you can just use an old fashioned notebook, but write down everything you eat so you can go back and review it.  Another suggestion when writing down your food consumption is to rate your mood.  You may find that your poor eating habits are brought on by stress or depression.

The Reality of What We Eat

Studies show that most people consume more calories than they realize.  When you total your days caloric intake, add 10%.  It’s easy to forget about a mint or a stick of gum, but those small things can add up.  This will also allow you to view just how many empty calories you consume in a day. After writing down everything they eat, that 10% overage of calories now shows up. Once you have this technique down you can adjust your calorie intake accordingly.

Enlist Friends For Support

There is some truth to the saying, “success in numbers”.  Get a friend to join you in your weight loss efforts. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone.  You can find a buddy online to share your struggles and success with them.  A university study found that individuals assigned to an internet based support system for weight management lost weight better than those without such support.  In addition, studies found that with support of a group or friend, participants tend to maintain their weight loss.

dieting tips to lose weight fast
Dieting tips to lose weight fast

The power of positive thinking.  Get a weight loss mantra.  Stay positive, feed yourself positive thought, write them down, or say them out loud, what ever works for you.  Do not focus on what you can not do, rather focus on what you can do, or will do once you have lost the weight.  Try saying “I will walk today” or “I will resist that cookie and opt for an orange” for example. Keep repeating it and they will come true for you.

Have that cup or orange juice for breakfast, just be sure to use the appropriate juice glass size.  After breakfast, make it a point to drink water for most of the day.  You would be surprised at how many calories you drink, which does virtually nothing for hunger.  Even diet soft drinks can sabotage your diet, studies suggest the artificial sweetener can trigger your appetite.  Get a vessel that measures the water, a liter or so, and continue to fill it during the day, keeping track to ensure you have consumed enough water.  Ice water is best, the cold helps speed up the metabolism, and ice water is usually proffered by most people.

Go at Your Own Speed

Slow and easy.  That should be your train of thought when eating.  Slow down and enjoy each bite.  Chew your food properly and try eating just 3 fewer bites of your food.  That trick alone can save about 100 calories, every bite counts.

Turn off the TV.  It’s a well known fact, the more we watch TV, the more we eat.  This is partially due to habit, and boredom.  Those pesky food commercials can also have a huge impact on what we eat and crave.  Replace an hour of TV with a form of exercise, you will feel better at the end of the day and your diet will be on track.

Start scrubbing!  Once a week pick a room and go to town cleaning.  A deep cleaning will not only give you a sense of pride and accomplishment, but the exercise itself will help burn calories and give you a modest workout.  A 150 pound person will burn approximately 4 calories for every minute of cleaning, that can add up quickly for the average size room.

Eat on demand.  Just because the clock reads noon, does not automatically mean you have to eat lunch.  If you are not very hungry at the time, don’t force lunch down. Wait and maybe eat a healthy snack later in the day, or just make it a later lunch and you won’t be as hungry at dinner. Most people forget what real hunger feels like. There is a big difference between craving and hunger. Try to learn to recognize which is which.  Find alternative ways to pass the time other than eating.  If you find that doing a task makes you forget about food, it was probably a craving and not hunger. These quick and easy dieting tips to lose weight fast are sure to get you on the road to fat loss in no time!

dieting tips to lose weight fast
Dieting tips to lose weight fast

Using Your Senses

Ready, set, sniff!  That’s right, sniffing a banana or peppermint when you feel hungry can help curve your appetite.  Sounds strange, but tests were conducted with 3,000 volunteers and it was determined the more frequently people sniffed these items, the less hungry they felt, thus the more weight they lost.

Stare at anything blue. Have you noticed many restaurants have blue decor?  Most likely not.  That’s because the color blue has been known to be an appetite suppressant.  Eat your food on a blue plate or cover your table with a blue tablecloth, and eat, but eat less.

Eat while looking at yourself in a mirror.  It’s pretty hard to see yourself as good looking if you are shoveling food in your mouth.  It is estimated people eat one third less when watching themselves in a mirror.  Some also suggest the reflection may cause you to reflect on yourself and your eating habits.

Think Physical

Skip the elevator and take the stairs.  It goes without saying climbing stairs is a form of exercise and it is available most places you go.

Take reverse breaks.  When sitting at your desk for long periods of time, be sure to take a break every two hours and walk for 5 minutes.

Last of all, adding the right weight loss drops to your program can really speed things up.  HCG drops are a very popular addition to any diet, and many people swear by the results.  They are a natural growth hormone, so you won’t have to worry about what is going in your body.  You can add them to a drink or directly into food, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how they curve your appetite. All in all, utilizing these dieting tips to lose weight fast will help take you on the road to success before you’ll even known it!

Author Bio: Gracy Liura

dieting tips to lose weight fast

Gracy, a dedicated and qualified nutritionist with over six years of experience in the Indian food industry, currently blogging at by giving honest reviews on the world’s best HCG drops based on Google trends and Amazon/Ebay ratings. She has done MSc Degree in Human Nutrition at Chinmaya degree College(BHEL) in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. You can reach her anytime if you have any questions regarding this guest post.

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