Okay, I get it.

Everywhere you look there’s juicy turkey, yummy dressing, sweet ham, gingerbread cookies, and all sorts of other decadent sweets surrounding you throughout these tough times.

So, how can a mere human cope with so much temptation in their peripheral? Well, there are in fact some approaches you can take to help you make your tummy happy, your family happy, and most importantly, to make the process of dieting during the holidays an easy one.

Outlined herein will be your guide to some common situations that we have probably all been in at some time or another. These problematic situations will of course be accompanied by several solutions to help you realize that you don’t have to call it quits on your well planned diet with intentions of just starting back up after the new year again.

Okay, so let’s get started!

First thing’s first though…

In order to truly know as to what lengths you should go to be able to continue seeing consistent weight loss results during the holidays, you first need to (if you haven’t already) be aware of your main purpose. What’s your end goal? Are you competing in an event or sport that has a weight class? In what time frame do you wish to attain this goal? How many cheat meals do you allow yourself per week or per month?

Your answers to these questions will determine just how strict you should be with your holiday dieting. If you are just trying to eat more healthily for the sake of self-improvement and better well being, then I can’t imagine how venturing off into a decadently flavorful abyss every now and then during these last months of the year would be detrimental to your progress.

However, if you’ve been dieting for the past few months now (or longer), and you’ve have being seeing some awesome progress lately, then you should probably not get too crazy with indulging your temptations. For situations like this, you’ll need to be aware of your own individual will power. This awareness will be a huge advantage for you because it’ll allow you to know your limits so you won’t burn yourself out. Burn out happens to the best of us! The best thing you can do to combat it is to be aware of your trigger points and allot yourself proper cheat meals when necessary.


Now how about that first example, huh?

We’ve all been there before. You’re watching what your eating or even dieting hard when out of nowhere, during an occasional visit with your mom, it happens… She puts the good ole guilt trip on you (with sweet intentions of course) to try and get you to eat a batch of those freshly made decadent cookies she just baked.

Regardless of the family member, this situation seems to happen to all of us at some point during a diet. I, myself, can attest to this struggle as I grew up living with full blooded Italian family! Nevertheless, there are some things you can do…

Just a quick reminder: The methods you use will depend greatly on how hard you are dieting, your goals, and of course, how good your family can cook (wink wink)!

Okay, so what can I do?!

Well, besides the obvious choice of taking only “a bite” here and a “nibble” there (if you can faithfully stick to such a strategy), you can opt for dieting harder during these last few months of the year. Nothing crazy here. Just decrease your daily caloric intake a hair and it should help to counteract the increase of calories taken in by all those yummy holiday sweets around you.

You can either do this, or you can expend more calories via more time in the gym. Try just adding 10-15 mins to your exercise sessions. This may seem minuscule for one session, but it will all add up. This method is much more effective if you decide to use it while simultaneously decreasing your calories a bit.

I realize that most people’s lives aren’t this predictable and the amount of extra holiday calories that they might intake may greatly exceed what they initially thought, or the opposite may occur. This, as you can imagine, would mess up that whole systematic approach that I just mentioned.


If this is the case, then the best thing for you to do is to take things day by day. If you find yourself eating way to much extra food, then spend another 30 mins or so at the gym, increase your intensity at the gym, or clean up your diet more for that day. These are all great measures that you can take if you sense that things are getting out of hand.

What not to do!

One of the worse things that you can possibly do in these tough times is to weigh yourself ever day. This is a huge no-no and it could potentially and unnecessarily plummet your self-confidence, especially after a day or two of binge eating.

You have to realize that if this ever happens to you, the majority of the weight gained during that short time period is mainly water weight due to all of the salt that was used to make all those yummy treats. It’s most likely that, or it could be another possibility too: Those extra few pounds or so that you seem to have noticed could all be in your mind… Remember, it could take weeks to actually see any significant weight gain, not after a mere day or two of binge eating.

Final thoughts on happy holiday dieting…

Dieting during the holidays can be quite the challenge for most of us. There is a ton of temptation all around us. It seems like everyone is testing your will power day in and day out. Doesn’t it? Well, as bleak as things may seem sometimes with regards to your current diet adherence, there are several measures you can take to help make this process a pleasant one.

Hopefully the ideas listed herein have given you some insight on how you can better approach dieting during the holidays. If you have some other helpful ideas that you’d like to share on this subject, go ahead and comment below to keep the conversation going!

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