Hula Hooping for Weight Loss

Hula hooping for weight loss huh? I was skeptical as well when I first heard of the idea. It sounded quite ridiculous to me. It all started with me conversing with a woman my age who claimed to have actually lost around 70lbs in 7-8 months all with the aid of the ever-so glorious hula hoop. She told me that she did it just about everyday for about an hour.

I can hear the skeptics now… “How in the hell can you possibly lose that much weight hula hooping?! Well, that’s obviously not all she did. She also exercised on a more traditional level as well as ate right, but she also greatly incorporated hula hooping for weight loss in her exercise regimen as an additional calorie burning weapon. And if you ask me, it seems like it worked (or at least significantly helped).

How is hula hooping for weight loss even a real thing?!

It may sound ludicrous to you that hula hooping for weight loss is an actual thing, but rest assured, it is all but too real folks.

I’m sure you’ve seen them at the circus with like 20 hoops around their torso and limps grinning all the while. Well, this is obviously not what this article is about. When I refer to hula hooping for weight loss, here, I’m talking more so about hooping with one singular weighted hoop. A 2.5 or a 5lb hoop should be efficient enough to muster up the significant amount of core activation needed to burn calories worth exercising for.

Hula Hooping for Weight Loss

hula hooping for weight loss
hula hooping for weight loss

So how does hula hooping for weight loss actually work?

Hula hooping for weight loss works primarily on the basis of complete constant core activation. As you “hoop” the hula hoop around your hips, you continuously concentrically and eccentrically contract your entire core (abs, obliques, lower back, etc.)

This continual core activation leads to… that’s right you guessed it! Caloric expenditure.

After an hour or so of nonstop hula hooping, one can only imagine your abdominal area to be extremely fatigued, thus on the eventual path to increased leanness. So, If anyone tells you that you cannot “get abs” by hula hooping, you now know what to tell them.

Types of hula hooping for weight loss

Of course you can manipulate the amount of weight that the hula hoop possesses, as well as the time allotted while hooping, but you can also switch things up (if you’re experienced and skilled enough). By this I mean try hula hooping for weight loss by hooping from your hips to your neck or try hooping from your hips to one of your limbs.

It may sound like not that big of a deal. I mean, seriously, I’m actually writing about hula hooping for weight loss here. Damn, I’m actually starting to question my credibility… no just kidding, but seriously. The amount of weight of the hoop and allotted time hooping will greatly be the deciding factor of whether or not you’ll burn calories and see results.

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