Superset Arm Workout for Massive Gains

Super-setting is a common technique used by many gym goers and fitness enthusiasts alike to not only help them save time, but also to spark new muscle growth. And one of the most popular and effective ways to go about doing this is with opposing muscle groups. With this being said, superset arm workout sessions seem as though they were made specifically for this training technique.

The beauty of a superset arm workout is that as you perform an exercise for the biceps, your triceps get a chance to rest. And as you perform your triceps exercise, your biceps are able to rest. There is no need to sit or walk around waiting for your next set. The only time you need to spend “resting” is when you’re putting the weights up from the exercise you just did and walking over to the next exercise.

I’d like to show you a very intense superset arm workout that will have your upper arms engorged with blood and pumped like there’s no tomorrow! Remember though, the key here is to quickly transition from one exercise to the next. Like stated before, there’s no need to rest for additional lengths here. Unless you are super-setting with the back and chest (which require much more effort), it would be counterproductive to do so.

Intense Superset Arm Workout for Massive Gainzz…

  • Exercise Set #1

-Dumbbell hammer curls W/Overhead triceps dumbbell raises-

This is a great way to start off your superset arm workout for various reasons. Among some of the most notable reasons are that by starting off with hammer curls, it encourages growth by the unfamiliarity of the exercise order (muscle-confusion). This goes not only for super-setting, but for training any body part in general. Thus, I start the workout with the nontraditional first bicep exercise: Hammer curls (instead of the expected barbell curl). This will aid in muscle confusion and promote new growth.

The second exercise is placed where it is due to the power of the exercise itself. See, with virtually any overhead triceps movement, all three heads will fire with near equal intensity. This makes this exercise a great one to start off with as it will prepare all of the triceps’ heads for the following workout.

superset arm workout
Superset arm workout
  •  Exercise Set #2

-Seated dumbbell curls (45 degree angle) W/Triceps rope extensions-

Since we started off this superset arm workout with hammer curls, which put special emphasis on the bicep’s brachialis muscle, we will now focus on emphasizing each of the two heads of the actual biceps muscle itself. With seated dumbbell curls, the short head (inner biceps) will be targeted. Make sure that the bench is on a 45 degree slant and that you keep your elbows back during the entire movement. This will ensure maximal bicep’s stimulation with minimal help from secondary muscles (e.g. anterior delts),

The triceps rope extension exercise targets the short head (outer triceps). Just as with the strategy we are using with the biceps, implement the same strategy with triceps muscle. So, we will now focus on emphasizing specific targeted muscle fibers. With this exercise, try to stabilize your elbows as much as realistically possible all while keeping them externally rotated. The external rotation will ensure that the outer triceps get the most of the damage.

  • Exercise Set #3

-Close-grip EZ bar curls W/Triceps cable extensions (with bar)-

We’ll finish up this superset arm workout with this final exercise set here. Ending the biceps portion of this workout with some close-grip EZ bar curls to hone in on the long head of the biceps (outer biceps) seems only appropriate. If you don’t have access to an EZ bar curl, it’s no problem. You can just use a normal bar. The only thing about EZ bars are that they contour to your grip very well, allowing you to perform close grip curls very comfortably and naturally.

The triceps cable extension exercise is a great finisher exercise for the triceps as it will emphasize the long head of the triceps (inner triceps). To ensure that the inner triceps are targeted, make sure to try and keep a somewhat wide grip on the bar. This will help to put extra tension on the triceps’ long head.

superset arm workout
superset arm workout

Superset arm workout summary…

This superset arm workout is sure to get your arms pumped and growing in no time! With it’s special emphasis on targeting each and every specific muscle fiber in the biceps and triceps, you can expect to be sore in areas that you’ve never been sore in before.

To attain optimal muscular symmetry you must intelligently choose each exercise with precise purpose and reason. Simply choosing six arm exercises at random will only ensure that you wont achieve this. Targeting each muscle’s heads as we did in this superset arm workout is the best way to ensure success at growing symmetrical muscle tissue.

Lastly, make sure that you exercise a high level of mind-muscle connection throughout the workout. This is of vital importance to not only any superset arm workout, but to virtually any workout that you happen to do. Focus and intensity should never be undermined. Go ahead and feel free to switch up the order of the exercises in this workout to your liking. This will only aid in muscle confusion. Thus, promoting new muscle growth.

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