Weighted Pull Ups For Mass

It goes without question that pull ups are among one the most effective back exercises that exists. It’s an incredible movement that pulls deep into the fibers of the latissimus dorsi and lower traps, giving you that v-shaped back that all bodybuilders desire. Once your back is powerful enough to be able to do 20+ body weight pull ups or so, you should then start adding some weight by using a pull up weight belt.

If your goal is to gain mass and you’re performing 20, 30, or even more body weight pull ups, then you shouldn’t expect your back to get too much bigger than it is now. See, the sweet spot for muscle hypertrophy and to get the most size you can is around the 8-12 rep range. This is not to say that you can’t grow muscle training under or over this threshold, but instead it’s more of an “optimal” range.

weighted pull ups for mass
weighted pull ups for mass

As previously mentioned, pull ups, let alone weighted pull ups for mass are one of the best back exercises that exist. It’s an old school way to build a lot of mass relatively quickly.

Simply start off by adding a 10lb or 25lb plate to your pull up belt to see how the added weight affects the amount of repetitions you can perform. Keep in mind though that you should still keep your form intact! Don’t let the added weight get to your head. As long as you can keep your form, then by all means add as many plates as necessary to give your back the most optimal muscle pump.

Tips for doing weighted pull ups for mass

When doing pull ups for mass, as with most back exercises, it requires a heightened level of mind-muscle connection. The back is one of those muscles where you can’t see it being trained as you exert your reps, such as with the biceps or shoulders. It requires you to “consciously flex” and be “aware” of the muscles being contracted throughout each repetition. Mastering this underlying factor is essential to seeing any type of significant growth in your back.

Another key point to remember when performing weighted pull ups for mass is that you need not go to high up, nor too far down. You want to stay in a somewhat “middle range”. This will allow for optimal stimulation of the back muscles, thus recruiting less of any other assisting muscles during the exercise.

weighted pull ups for mass
weighted pull ups for mass

Summary of weighted pull ups for mass…

All in all, weighted pull ups for mass are a great option for you if you’d rather that “hardcore” type of training and would rather opt out on using machines or cables. However, regardless of your preference, it is still a good option for you to be open to using a variety of methods when training to increase the amount of “muscle confusion” which will allow you to lessen your chances of plateauing. Once your back becomes strong enough to where you can add weight to your pull ups, start off slowly and build up from there. It shouldn’t take you long before you’re surprising your own self of how powerful your back can actually be.

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